For Parrots: Posters

for Parrot Advocates

As a designer, I wanted to use my skills to help spread the word about what is happening in the world of parrots, both in the wild and in captivity. For Parrots is the product of many hours of discussions, comments, photo sharing and support from numerous individuals involved in various aspects of parrot welfare.

From these discussions, I have created posters for people to use wherever they may be to help spread the “word of the bird”. High-resolution print-ready files are provided for free download on my WordPress blog. In addition to using my own photographs, I often work with a wonderful photographer in the US (Kim Hannah) to create the appropriate photos.

I also write and research posts that pertain to both wild and captive parrots.

The posters have been well-received, and have been used in the classroom, at pet expos, mall displays, shared on other websites, Facebook and Twitter, included in newsletters and more.

Two styles have been created: one to appeal to the companion parrot owner, and one for the animal advocate.

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