Echo Bonaire

A non-profit organization on Bonaire dedicated to the preservation of the Yellow-shouldered Amazon (Amazona barbadensis), I first met Dr. Sam Williams (one of the founders) at a parrot conference in 2010. As we talked, our discussion evolved into our collaborating on Echo’s very first T-shirt design, “The Happy Parrot”.

Sam used the T-shirt design to create a temporary logo, and in 2013 we finally got working on a professionally designed logo. This was used in creating Echo’s new Dos Pos Conservation Centre sign. This logo will also used on a new T-shirt project (currently in the works).

Sam wrote a nice post on the World Parrot Trust’s blog about the logo:

The parrots, the Echo team and I would like to thank Cheryl for her great work on the design and Michael and Diana too for turning it into a fabulous sign!

Read more here. Sam also divulges some of the secrets (design details) hidden within the logo.