Inky Antics

Rubber Stamps

I have worked with this client since 2004. A large US rubber-stamp company, they wanted a site that would be clean and easy to navigate, useful and appealing to their customers, and fun, as well.

I worked with a programmer to develop the online catalogue of over a thousand stamps and products, which is updated a few times a year. There is a search function, as well. I customized an online shopping cart application for the e-commerce portion of the site.

As one of the requirements of the client was to have a site that changed with the seasons, I utilized css so that I could easily change the look of the site while maintaining the underlying layout. I can easily change text, background and button colours to match each new banner.

The site has received numerous compliments from both the client and the customers.

I love what you do with the Inky Antics site. It is simple, clean, easy to use. It does exactly what it is supposed to. People can log in, see some neat stuff, get some important info, find what they want, and move on.

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