Graffic - Barcelona, 2007
web design projects in depth:

Webwerkz: 2008 - 2013


Webwerkz is the company behind, which builds custom websites for cell phone dealers. Clients range from having 1 single store location to over 150 across Canada.


As the soul designer in this small boutique web design company, I was responsible for all custom design layouts, html, css and adherance to mobile carrier design guidelines.


Primarily building sites for Telus, Bell and Rogers franchisees, we also had Fido, Mobilicity, Wind and multiple-carrier clients.


Working with the programming department, the sites were built in .ASP and a custom CMS was provided for each client to maintain their site in addition to an extensive B2B (where clients could sell products to their corporate customers). We also provided monthly maintenance and design services, as required.


I also assisted in creating custom WirelessDealer Facebook Apps for customers wishing a Facebook presence. jQuery was used extensively and mobile site design was also an option.


I designed both the Webwerkz site and the WirelessDealer site.



Webwerkz splash