Graffic - Barcelona, 2007
web design projects in depth:

BB Com: 2007 - 2008


At BB Com, I worked with the owner as a senior designer. I was fortunate to work on websites for several high-profile businesses.


I was responsible for creating sub-pages based on the owner's designs, and also created several e-newsletters for the company's clients; these had to match current branding. I wrote some of the content for the newsletters. Layouts were designed in photoshop, and then built in dreamweaver utilizing extensive CSS. We would work with programmers, who built the backends of the sites. All sites were managed through a custom CMS.


In addition, I created a set of icons for a private online administration tool built for a local medical clinic.


Note: Company is now Oliver & Spence Creative Agency

High Hopes Rubber Stamps splash

A closer look:

General Motors Place (now Rogers Arena)


sub-page layout based upon strict guidelines




Set The Pace - a private training site for the Vancouver Canucks


all sub-page design based upon home-page layout



Mainland Clinic [view site]


sub-page design, practitioner and administrative icon design (based on provided logo)