Crowmail - Barcelona, 2012



Being creative is at the core of who I am.


I enjoy using a variety of tools to bring my ideas to life, whether it’s a camera, a pencil, a software program, or a sewing machine. My formal studies have included earning a B.Sc. from the University of Alberta in the area of Clothing and Textiles and a certificate in multimedia studies from a Vancouver, BC school. I built costumes for a number of years before getting seriously into digital design. I enjoy both the technical and the creative elements that digital design encompasses.


I value diversity, beauty and whimsy and welcome expressing those values in my art and designs.

Cheryl and Birdphotography


I enjoy photography, especially street and bird photography. I've written short stories and illustrated them with photographs I've taken, subtly adjusted in Photoshop.


I find street art highly inspirational and love the surprise of coming across it, as well as the fact that anyone can enjoy it. On the different sections of this portfolio are photographs of what I've discovered during my travels.


I also really like birds. Especially dinosaur-sized ones.

contact me:

Cheryl Rutherford


(416) 554-5183 or


Happily living in Toronto, Ontario.


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advanced: dreamweaver, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, html, css

some: flash, premiere, after effects, sound forge

nikon camera

brain + imagination + inspiration



yes, I get around:


Canada: Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Brandon, Montreal, Toronto


U.S.A: Los Angeles, Seattle, Ellensberg, Butte, Rapid City, Albert Lea, Kalimazoo, Atlanta, Hershey, New York, Honolulu, Marco Island, Fort Meyers


Europe: London, Athens, Paris, Barcelona, Budapest, Malta, Amalfi Coast, Nice, Monaco, Stromboli